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Labor Day Around the World - Ideas to Thank Your Team

Today, we celebrate a national holiday that honors the American worker. In our book, everyone from a teacher to a mechanic to a lawyer to a homemaker qualifies as an “American worker,” so how can we celebrate them? Here in the states, we tend to simply give the day off (which is always appreciated!), but we here at InMotion decided to tap into our global network to see how others celebrate their versions of the holiday. Here are four traditions that inspire us:

South Africa: In South Africa, as with most countries around the world, the workforce is celebrated on May 1st. Because of its place in the calendar year, Worker’s Day is also celebrated as the beginning of summer. In the United States, Labour Day signifies the end of summer, which usually comes with drudging feelings. However, you can use the spirit of hope that a new season brings to encourage the entire team’s spirit! Plan a fun team offsite outing to celebrate the fall season and get everyone excited for Q3!

Costa Rica: In Costa Rica, Labor Day is celebrated by the working community at large with parades and parties. However, it also marks the date of important diplomatic business, including Legislative meetings and a Presidential speech. Take some inspiration from this tropical nation and use the shortened Labor Day work week to have a relaxed few days in the office touching base with everyone. A good way to do this is to have the head of each department address and meet with his or her direct reports, and then have the company head meet with the department heads.

Canada: Our northern neighbor incorporates tradition into its long weekend celebrations. For instance, a parade in Grand Falls-Windsor in Newfoundland has occurred for more than 90 years, and if you’re not in attendance there, then you’re probably watching one of the many football games being broadcast. Perhaps your company can establish some Labor Day traditions for the team, like a Welcome Back Barbecue or a Secret Santa.

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