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It all starts here. Creative Brief. Input Brief. Project Brief. Call it what you want, but brief-writing is the unsung hero of content marketing. If approached and executed correctly, the brief is the most important place to exert leverage and make an impact on the final product. They’re a statement of objectives and a plan for action that is applicable for almost everything you do in marketing.

First and foremost, it should state a purpose that is simple and achievable by being clear and specific. So start by organizing your thoughts. Pick any format that you’re comfortable with, and keep this in mind: if someone who doesn’t know your business can read the brief and have a 360 degree understanding of what is to be done and why, you’re in good shape.

What is the business problem you are trying to solve?

  • Is market share stabilized / shrinking?

  • Do we need to establish a stronger sense of differentiation?

  • Are we trying to launch a new product?

Who is your target audience?

  • What is the profile of the target audience within these industries (company size, revenue and other relevant demographics)?

  • What about the psychographics of your ideal prospect? Their beliefs and biases and loves and hates?

What is YOUR marketing objective?

  • Sell more

  • Get new people to buy

  • Get existing people to buy other variants of the same line

  • Get existing people to trade up

  • Get existing people to absorb price increase

  • Keep existing customer buying

What’s the Business benefit?

  • What are your main take-aways?

  • What is the “neck snapping” moment for this product?

  • Outline the key points you need to establish

List the Support points

  • Why people should believe you?

What’s the emotional target?

  • What do you want the audience to think? This is where you say what you want your audience to feel. Great screenwriters start with an emotional target. So do great content creators. Know what you want people to feel and be clear about it in the brief.

  • What’s your key insight – Great content is always built on a crystal of insight.

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