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The Best Tech Ideas to Build Off Of in Q1

We at InMotion believe that no good idea stands alone. Bold, direct, and maybe a little confrontational, this statement reflects on the reality that creativity builds. Development, especially in the tech world, is rooted in working with existing ideas and improving upon them - just the boost that your Quarter 1 needs to propel into a great 2018! Here are three ideas in contemporary tech that any enterprise can build off of during Q1:

  1. Personalized service. Users of Amazon’s Alexa have access to many customized digital services, including web searches, reminders, music, and even beauty product consulting. The product uses Artificial Intelligence to complete a variety of tasks on voice command. It can call a cab or order a pizza, and it will learn your voice patterns and preferences the more you use it. With this level of service coming from a machine, you can imagine the personal attention that consumers will demand from real people!

  2. Auto-pilot. Tesla is always improving their semi-autonomous vehicles, and meanwhile General Motors is mass-producing them! These are just two of the big players in the self-driving car phenomenon that is truly turning science fiction into reality. While you may not be able to be chauffeured to the office just yet (though wouldn’t that be nice!) you can take a cue from the trend to make your life easier - automation. Are there areas of your workplace that can become more efficient with today’s technology? Think: auto-pay for bills, document e-signing, shared templates, etc.

  3. In an instant! Not only do consumers expect more personalized service, they expect it now, according to Alliance Data’s 2018 Retail Trends Report. While this may not always be possible (and should not come at an expense to quality, most of the time), you may be able to evaluate tasks that generally progress sluggishly. For instance, does your email inbox barely drain, despite spending so much time checking it? Try our “one and done” email policy: avoid reading emails only to mark them as unread; instead, tackle them on the spot!

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