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4 Key Words to Incorporate into Your Company's Content Output

When it comes to public relations and marketing, one thing is certain: traditional methods are out and branded content is in. You know that it is important to create great blog posts, press releases, and other branded content, and you have a lot to say. But how do you write it?

First things first, team up with InMotion to plan a bulletproof content strategy and editorial calendar guaranteed to resonate with your readers. Next, brainstorm a few keywords that can target your audience and SEO (search engine optimization). We at InMotion will help with this, but we’ll give you some ideas to get started right now:

  1. Location. Where is your business based? Where are your clients and potential clients based? For some businesses, like a restaurant, the location is fairly straightforward. Other businesses, like an app, for instance, need to think more critically about key location words that will enhance SEO. Think of adjectives like urban, coastal, and metro.

  2. Topic. What area does your business cover? Notice how to question is not the typical “what do you do?”. When it comes to curating keywords for content, it is important to keep them broad enough to encompass what your audience might be typing into search engines.

  3. Timestamp. Are you writing about topics particularly relevant to the present moment (hint: your answer should be yes)? If so, you will want to place a few indicative words throughout your piece. While the timing may seem obvious to you from the publication date, many readers (and search engines!) scroll past this imperative info.

  4. Your Business Name. This is a no-brainer. Without being too repetitive or annoying, make sure to mention your company’s name several times, depending on the length of the article. Both the search engines and your readers will be able to pick it up!

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