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How to Think Creatively & Critically When Brainstorming

"No Matter What People Tell You, Words And Ideas Can Change The World." – Robin Williams

We love this quote by the legendary late actor, and find that it has rung true in many cases. While your initial goals for 2018 may not reach as far as the globe, you and your team can absolutely stand to benefit from better brainstorming. An idea is the first step to the next level, so here is how we can stride confidently on the path from imagination to ideation:

  1. Let loose. Especially when brainstorming in a group setting, it can be scary to pitch an idea - it could be a bad idea, after all (though we at InMotion do not believe in that concept). Give the floor to the craziest, simplest, and all ideas during the initial stages of ideation, judgement free. You can always refine them later.

  2. Get with the times. Different people are at their most creative during different times of the day, so do not create a standard appointment for your brainstorming sessions. Ideally, you can brainstorm for a few short increments throughout the day, and then group all of your ideas during a team meeting. Try morning, afternoon, and evening ideation to see what works for you and the group. Hint - according to science, this time is surprisingly the opposite of when you are most alert.

  3. Find a happy medium. You can dream up the most exciting commercial in the world, but if you try to condense it into an Instagram photo, your message might not get across. This is why it is so important to tailor your thinking to the actual product that you are aiming to achieve. Consider the limitations and possibilities of the medium you choose, and brainstorm within those boundaries. If you find that your best ideas are “out of bounds,” then it might be time to rethink your material goals.

  4. Get feedback early on. Sure, your parents might think that your project is great, but they are not your boss or mass market. Be picky with who you choose, but try to get feedback from a variety of individuals whose opinions reflect those you ultimately care about. You will want to start early, as well, since it is much easier to undo a potential mistake when your entire project isn’t already constructed.

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