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5 Unexpected Platforms to Share Your Voice

"Speak up!" We are often told by teachers, mentors, and role models. However, in today's world, the various modes of communication complicate the act of speaking up. For an organization, this can be even more impossible to navigate. Who, or what, is your voice? Who is your listener?

We know that there are many platforms that are a part of standard marketing and communications practices, but we at InMotion believe in going the extra mile and resourcing unique methods. Here are 5 platforms that are frequently overlooked, but nonetheless helpful in speaking up and speaking out.

  1. Tumblr. Tumblr functions similarly to Twitter, but with more emphasis on embedded pictures, videos, and other media. There are many young communities that interact on the platform. However, you're also likely to find a community around your industry, Unlike Twitter, Tumblr allows for long posts filled with texts and media. We encourage you to explore your industry's community on the platform for insight into its potential.

  2. Spotify. In this case, you're not sharing your own voice (unless you sing, of course!), but creating playlists on Spotify can help engage your market in a fun way. Most people listen to music in their passive moments like when they're walking to work or in the shower. These are moments when they're unlikely to be listening to anyone's voice. Curating a playlist can help your audience relax and remind them of your organization every time they tune in.

  3. Press releases. These formal write-ups don't have to be reserved for celebrity scandals. Many industry-specific websites publish press releases by organizations announcing changes in leadership, significant growth, or platform innovation. Most press releases feature a a description in prose, followed by some statistics in bullet points, and finally a brief bio of the organization. Work with InMotion to write a great press release that will get you off the ground and on the radar.

  4. Lunch & learn seminars. Many clubs and offices enjoy hosting speakers on a variety of topics. Even if you don't think speaking is for you, you would be surprised at the amount of publicity and conversation that can be sparked from a small lunch & learn meeting. Reach out to schools, business, and boards in your area to inquire about speaking informally. Their members will learn something new, and you'll have the chance to connect with more people about your company.

  5. Guest blogging. We've been known to host guest bloggers on our blog, and with good reason! Writing a post on another blog as a guest can enhance the readers' knowledge and bring your voice to more people. A great option? Team up with a friend who also has a blog, and do guest posts on each other's!

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