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The Fabulous Five – The Best Reasons to Outsource your Social Media

It’s amazing the things we outsource. Need love in your life? Forget Tinder. Bring on Love Letters. Yes, you can outsource love’s written word. Too tired to go to the drugstore? Call Airbender. Can’t pick up your kids from soccer? Uber? That’s so yesterday. Parents in NY and CA have KidCar and Shuddle on speed dial. Then, of course, there’s nothing quite like when it comes to outsourcing. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 2 years, is a website that is dedicated to $5 jobs. Among the ridiculous….you can outsource collecting and sending you sea shells from their local beach.

Granted, these are consumer products, not your typical B2B services. Of course, companies are onboard with outsourcing things like IT and accounting. But we talk to people all day everyday about what they want – and don’t want - from their marketing agency/partner. And every so often, we find ourselves talking with companies who are hesitant about outsourcing social media. We've compiled a list of five solid benefits of outsourcing your social media (to InMotion, natch).

1) More Time for Your Business

One of the most obvious advantages of outsourcing your social media – the strategy and execution - is the time it saves you. These extra minutes can add up, especially for smaller teams who are stretched thin and involved in all aspects of their company.

2) A Valuable Outsider's Perspective

When all your marketing is done in-house, you risk becoming too introspective. The intervention of a third-party agency can challenge the ideas, notions and concepts you start to take for granted. Though no one knows your brand better than you do, sometimes you just need a little objectivity to understand your company from a consumer point of view.

3) It is a Team Effort

For most industries, weekends and holidays are some of the busiest times in terms of social engagement. Is that doable for your team? If you add social media to an internal person’s laundry list, they may not be terribly responsive to a customer question posted on Friday night. A social media agency can have a team assigned to your account, and cover odd times.

4) Competitor Insights

An agency can provide you with valuable insights about the techniques and approaches your competitors are adopting. It'll likely also have a better understanding of the social landscape within your industry.

5) Experience is Critical

A social media agency will have lots of clients, and experience will show what works and what hasn’t. While it’s tempting to assign social media duties to your intern or trainee, let’s be clear. It’s BIG mistake. It’s your business after all, and just because the college kid can tweet with one arm tied behind their back, you need a team who understands that social media is part of a much larger, cohesive marketing communication strategy.

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