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Brewed vs Instant – When You Need it Fast.

Heaven. Nirvana. Addiction. Whether you opt for the Jura, Breville, press or pour-over. It’s a need and it’s a ritual. Some take more time than others, yet we love the process and the result. But there are days (ok, weeks), when the cupboards are bare and we are faced with the oh-so-tragic need for a caffeine buzz the old-fashioned way. Instant. Yes, that’s right, you heard us – instant coffee – the kind from the little jar. And sometimes it’s not bad. Is it perfect? Hell no. But it fills the immediate need and moves us along our day’s journey. Ironically, the same could be said for marketing. It is often a process with ritual and structure, with wonderful results. Yet sometimes, pressed for time and resources, you need to fill an immediate need and do so instantly. And as much as we love a good plan, there are definitely some marketing tactics that lend themselves to that “instant coffee” approach.

1. Content Syndication

Need good leads fast? Then content syndication can be a winner. If you have done your homework and developed great content (i.e., case study, video, white paper), then this is a fast, very results-oriented tactic to have in your back pocket. There are an abundance of outlets to choose from (we like Outbrain) and the process and delivery can be immediate. It’s quite cost-effective as well, as there’s usually a guarantee and then you just pay for the leads you get.

2. Social Media

Need to rattle some cages? We’re hoping that you’re already on board the social media train, so this one is easy. Because if your goal is to shake things up and get some visibility, nothing helps you more or helps you faster than social media. We’re talking about hashtag campaigns, especially the use of event hashtags. For example, if you are attending an industry conference or event, tweet using the official hashtag and participate in the conversation. This way you can reach out to new people and potential influencers, gain visibility for your brand, and look like knowledgeable and active participants.

Not going to that event? Well, you can still get mileage out of using an event or industry hashtag. Monitor the conversation and participate remotely – it will still give you an opportunity to connect with others in your industry and potentially develop relationships with key influencers and potential new customers/audiences.

3. Add a Call to Action on Your Most Popular Page

Need more hits? This is one of our favorite tactics, because the payoff for about one minute worth of work can be huge. Log in to your ‘Google Analytics’ account and navigate to ‘Behavior,’ ‘Site Content,’ then ‘All Pages.’ You’ll then be able to see which content is resonating and receiving the most views. Then, here’s the super easy trick. Go back and add a strong, highly relevant call to action on this page and then offer something of true value that’s highly related to the subject of your most popular content.

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