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Sharing The Love: Marketing that Makes Our Hearts Flutter

WOW. Stop you in your tracks WOW. We don’t say it enough. But we should because we’re finding more and more example of some great reads. We definitely know what like and we’re not shy about calling it like it is (or at least how we think it is). And while we can complain a bit about so-so and ‘meh,’ we can also sing the praises of work that makes our collective hearts flutter, the clouds break and the angels sing.

So, here’s some love to start the week.


Even if Hubspot is not your marketing automation tool of choice, you cannot deny the amazing content that they share on an almost constant basis. Even non marketers subscribe. What makes them a WOW? Aside from the aforementioned content (which ROCKS), it’s the fact that they send something (blog, feature article, tips) daily. It’s always targeted – much like Amazon’s ability to suggest future purchases – Hubspot just seems to know what we want to read. The format is visually pleasing, with copy blocks and call outs all laid out to make skimming a breeze. If you’re not a subscriber, do yourself a favor and click here. (And no, we are not getting paid for this shout out.)

The Skimm

Another fave. Admittedly, this isn’t so much about marketing as it is about a really great resource for those of us with really very little time. It’s exactly as the title suggests – a daily skim of the day’s national and world news – but with a twist. It’s incredibly well-written, witty and sharp and we always feel just a little smarter after reading it.

LinkedIn Group: CMO Network

There are probably 50 or more marketing groups on LinkedIn, but CMO tops them all. We can’t say enough great things about this marketing group. From the content to the ‘shares’, it’s a highly active and collaborative network of 183,000 marketers.

The Hemingway App

We’ll bet you were in college the last time you read Hemingway, but chances are pretty good that you’ve read something inspired/helped by the Hemingway App without even knowing it. A gem for writers and marketers alike, it highlights problems that can get in the way of clear writing. It looks for: complex words or phrases; extra-long sentences; long sentences; too many adverbs; and too many instances of passive voice. And it’s a steal at $10.

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