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Building Your Personal Brand

We here at InMotion spend a lot of time identifying and broadcasting the strengths of companies through content writing and social media outreach. We want each client to project an image of creativity, energy, and experience.

But what about your personal brand? It’s important to showcase the best version of yourself while still being genuine. Understand the value of YOU and your individuality! Here are some ways to articulate this:

1. Project your Passions. Your passions are the driving force behind your outcomes, so be sure to tell people about what invigorates you. Potential clients and employers seek out people with a true love and dedication to their craft.

2. Create your personal mission statement. It doesn’t have to be anything written and final - just consider your personal experiences and what they equip you to do for yourself and others. Determine your innate strengths, the ones you’ve developed and the ones you wish to grow. Allow this to steer your direction in ways that both allow you to use your strengths and grow in your goals.

3. What are your beliefs? How do you believe is the right way to interact with clients, colleagues and loved ones? Become more cognisant of your communication style and if it projects who you strive to be. While most everyone gives into water cooler gossip at some point, don’t be surprised if onlookers’ first association with you is not your fantastic editing skills. On the other hand, a friendly introduction, cup of coffee, and quick follow-up welcome email will leave a new team member with a positive lasting impression.

4. Alert the media! Use social media as a way to broadcast your strengths, experiences and beliefs to a wide audience. Volunteer at an animal shelter? Post a pic of that lovable pup! Happy for a friend’s recent engagement? Bid a “congrats” on his Facebook wall! Nail the speech at your recent work event? Upload the video to LinkedIn! Finish a riveting romance novel? Share your GoodReads status! Online visibility bares the task of being truthful, elegant and selective; so while its use should not be limited to bragging, do not shy away from sharing your exciting moments.

Overall, it is most important to be genuine to yourself and to the best self who you already are. We here at InMotion delight in identifying and sharing the best of companies with the world. Stay tuned for another informative blog post next week!

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