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Collective vs. Individual Voice : How You Can Maximise the Influence of Both

Brexit dominated the headlines and ignited global discussion on politics and political influence in the global climate. Though not the European Union, your business can benefit from strategically standing behind a collective stance and projecting an individual one.

  1. Connect with the competition. Joining relevant business associations and chambers of commerce is the ideal way to harbor a collective voice. You will benefit from political influence, plus the legitimacy that comes with the backing of a reputable organisation. Make sure that you contribute to group discussions and phrase your points so that they address the concerns of multiple members. This is your best bet to gain individual influence in this group setting. Also attend classes and events relevant to your industry. Not only will you keep your information up-to-date, you will also meet others in your field. While it is awkward to connect with potential (or blatant) competitors, focus instead on the potential for helping each other out.

  2. Broadcast your collective strength. Advertise your association as the best association of the best professionals for the job. Everyone has a different strengths, so broadcast the collective skill set of all the individual members. This will ensure a strong reputation. Have a public Facebook page for the association with links to members’ individual pages/websites. Perhaps use Facebook’s new live streaming feature to host an informative webinar to the public.

  3. Broadcast your individual niche. It may seem counterintuitive, but you still want to distinguish yourself individually. Do this by marketing yourself individually to specific groups that match your specialties. For instance, an accountant may gain general clients from joining a tax preparers’ association and additional clients with his specialty in fine art accounting. Writing a blog is a good way to showcase your expertise in a non-flashy way.

  4. Take care of your new colleagues. Give them genuine advice when they ask for it and refer clients who are a better match for their specialties. If they are good business connections, they will reciprocate.

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