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Summer Lovin' - How to Have Fun This Summer without Getting Behind

Summer is here, leaving us at InMotion wondering how half of 2017 has passed in a flash! Everyone can feel stressed balancing work and summer fun, especially when you're based in a vacation hotspot like us (hello, OC!). Here are our recommendations on how to make the most of the season :

  1. Make a plan. If you have a rough idea of what your projects are for the next month, create a list of priorities (organized by deadline) and a timetable on how you will accomplish them. Breaking each project into smaller tasks and assigning them daily can also be helpful. One of our favourite apps is AnyDo which allows to to create multiple to-do lists. We recommend creating a master to-do list and moving several tasks into a small to-do list on each day. Leave room for unexpected work and summer to-dos.

  2. Be flexible. Summer will shake-up your 9-5 schedule (if you ever had one to begin with) and require you to go with the flow a bit more than usual. Check in with yourself every few days to look at what’s ahead. If you have parties every night for the next week, it might be best to get ahead on work tasks over the weekend.

  3. Connect with others. Summer provides a great opportunity to reconnect with professional and personal contacts so you can maintain these relationships for the rest of the year. Take the time to go through contacts on your mobile phone, email, FaceBook, and LinkedIn and make a list of whom to reach out to and how. There are a variety of options from a quick message to a phone call to a handwritten card! (Hint - if you see someone has gone on a vacation, send them a message asking how it went!)

  4. Have fun. With an autumn of obligations right around the corner, it can be easy to make a fuss and forget to enjoy the fun & sun. Take some time to check-out of work and spend time with family and friends. You’ll ultimately emerge well-rested and ready to take on the rest of the year. Go ahead and take a break - your body and your boss will thank you.

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