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How to Create Company New Years Resolutions That Work

It’s the time of the year for gym memberships and farmer’s markets as individuals commit to making New Year's Resolutions. These resolutions offer a strategy towards long-term goals as people return to their normals lives (hopefully) refreshed after a joyous holiday season. We here at InMotion also take the New Year as an opportunity to evaluate how we can pursue our long-term goals for the company whilst maintaining our commitment to provide the best services to clients. Here are five strategies we use to create New Year’s Resolutions that work :

  1. Evaluate growth. As you complete your year-end wrap up, you should evaluate how you have fulfilled your goals and how they have changed throughout the year. How have you grown as a business considering? Connecting your work to the results produced will better equip you to move forward in the New Year as you expect better results and continued growth.

  2. Make long and short-term goals for the year. Envision your ideal company and then water it down to what is achievable in a year’s time. For instance, if your ideal company works with ten clients and has four employees, your year-end goal could be to work with five clients and take on an additional employee. Divide these up into short term goals for each quarter. In this scenario, you may seek to acquire one more client by the spring quarter and take on an intern in the summer.

  3. Categorise your goals. Divide your goals into sections, such as placing social media and blogging under a marketing section and so on. Set a regular period to work on goals from each category, such as every week. This way, you’re still staying on track with your long-term goals whilst being able to prioritise short-term projects that require attention.

  4. Commit to keeping track. Once you have clearly defined, quantifiable goals, it’s important not to let them fade into vague aspirations as new responsibilities arise. Use a business planner, spreadsheet, or chart (such as this handy one for social media stats) to regularly check-in with the progress of your long-term to regularly check-in with the progress of your long-term goals.

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