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How to Capitalise On Your Unique Skillset

With so many businesses popping up, it can be dreary to consider competition when reaching out to potential clients. It can come in the form of qualifications, price, or simple advertising advantages. Competition does not always have to be a bad thing, however. It sometimes affords the opportunity to showcase your best talents and get ahead in your industry. Similar to developing your personal brand, developing your company brand relies on broadcasting the specific strengths and potential of the company. By doing this, your brand reflects your values and attracts quality clients suited to your skillset. Here are five ways to capitalise on your unique skillset:

  1. Hone your skills to your industry. The most unique talents can be relevant to your professional industry if you’re creative enough to make the connection. Passionate about music but work in advertising? Study successful music ads and publicity. Expert on dogs but work in engineering? Look into pet-friendly home architecture and electrical. Unique connections build ideas that can propel you in your industry.

  2. Broadcast what you can offer. Prevent your company website from being generic by adding the team’s unique skills. This can come in the form of a “fun fact” in the about page or an employee interview blog post. This not only humanises the company but also provides a connection point with potential clients.

  3. Don’t be afraid to specialize. So many businesses shy away from specialising because they fear that they will shut out potential clients, but it’s important to realise that having a specialty doesn’t mean you’re only doing one thing. If anything, having a specialty will attract more clients who have the confidence that you will be able to best serve their specific needs.

  4. Call on specific team members and contacts. Get to know the unique skillsets of your team members and professional contacts. If a potential client have specific needs that could rely on these skillsets, you’ll already have a prepared knowledge that will woo them to your business. If nothing else, they’ll offer a point of connection.

  5. Be creative. Any skill can be useful in the right context. Your awesome cooking skills could definitely come in handy if you’re hosting a real estate open house and so on. Keep up your skills, even if they seem irrelevant, to keep up your creativity that you need to best serve your clients. You never know when the need will arise...

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