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2017 Trends : Events

We here at InMotion are always on the lookout for new trends in communications, and how we can take advantage of them for our clients. To share this information with all of you, we’re going to be blogging on the 2017 trends to expect and how your small business can take advantage of them. This first blog is on events, which will be a huge promotional trend in 2017. Whilst this may seem counterintuitive to our culture of webinars and Skype meetings, know that people will be more interested in throwing and attending events more than ever. The right event can lead to traditional and social media coverage, creating buzz about your business. Here are three ways to throw an event worth posting about:

  1. Heighten exclusivity. The more exclusive the event seems, the more people will want to attend and post that they’ve attended (street cred, right?). Send out evites (or paper invites for a more formal event) to an A list, then invite from a B list if people decline. Assume that some people who RSVP will be no-shows. Invite relevant media and professional contacts to the event, and only make the event open to the public if you can’t generate enough buzz about it within your industry.

  2. #hashtag. Create a hashtag for the event and post it throughout the venue. Give an incentive to post with the hashtag, such as the opportunity to be featured on the company Instagram. Having a hashtag for the event will lead attendees’ followers to the event coverage and ultimately your business.

  3. Give plenty of opportunities to post. Have a red-carpet style banner covered with your business logo and name; it’s simple product placement when people post their photos on social media. Set up tablescapes and floral arrangements (also featuring your logo if possible) that people will want to post, as well. A fun photo booth is also a great opportunity for social media coverage if you print photo strips with your company name at the bottom. If you design your space to be visually appealing and cater to the social user’s needs, you’ll ensure social media coverage of your event and business.

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