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Entrepreneurship in the Age of Walmart

Our society has become more commercialized than ever before, largely due to mega-corporations. Somewhat ironic, however, is the rise of entrepreneurship amongst the millennial generation that grew up in “the age of Walmart.” Perhaps it’s a rebellion against the institutions that employed their parents, or that the seemingly drab corporate world cannot serve their youthful creative streak. Whatever the reason, many young entrepreneurs have proved themselves not be overlooked as simple Mom & Pop shops. Here’s just some of what they’ve done:

  • Lean InThe Changing Female Power Player Leveled the professional playing field - Here at InMotion, we take a particular interest in women in the technology industry. Sheryl Sandberg’s bestseller , for advice on how women can navigate the changing corporate landscape. speaks to a greater trend of changing demographics in the professional world, in this case, women in leadership positions. Check out our blog post,

  • Created easy-access online platforms - In the 21st century, you don’t necessarily need to pay for advertisements to make your business known. Through social media and blogs, you can broadcast your message to millions of people. Unfortunately, this means that the social media platform is a very saturated one, full of businesses looking to do just that. Look at our #socialspotlight series for site-specific tips, and look at our blog post on creating a social media plan for your business. The complex world of social media and publication is difficult to navigate, and we at InMotion strive to gain maximum visibility on social media for our clients.

  • Revolutionized human communication - Within the past 25 years, we have changed how we communicate with each other. Long gone are the days of the telegram when you can send a text or email at lightening pace. Email, in particular, is a tool that 21st-century businesses can and should take advantage of. Read our blog post on email campaigns for some ideas on how your business can use email marketing.

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