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How to Build a Positive Corporate Culture

Few things seem worse than having to come into work on a beautiful summer day. All that you can think about is leaving your desk, and by the time you do finally leave your desk, you haven’t accomplished much! You’re not alone - workplace productivity drops 20% during the summer months. These stats are counterintuitive - wouldn’t people be getting more done when they are spending more time outdoors and on vacations? Perhaps there is a correlation with another statistic - that happier employees are 12% more productive at work. If people are trapped in the office from 9-5, longingly staring at the clock, no wonder they are depressed and less productive! A positive corporate culture - one in which professionals feel supported, important, and comfortable - can combat the summer workplace blues and kickstart productivity. Here are three ideas to get you started:

  1. Organize a workplace potluck. The most convenient day is typically a Friday, when there is less chance of a conflicting lunch meeting. Ask everyone to bring their favourite dish to share with the workplace community. With sum fun music playing in the background (we’re particularly biased towards Spotify’s Summer Hits) dedicate the hour to talking about everything except business. If the weather is nice, take the potluck outside! The potluck will provide a fun office activity for everyone to look forward to and foster a sense of community.

  2. Enjoy the outdoors! If a meeting will consist of just a few people, suggest a walking meeting, in which everyone quite literally “walks and talks.” Walking meetings are great for a breath of fresh air and keeping everyone energised and focused. Personally, you may want to have your lunch on the lawn and take walks during your breaks.

  3. Recognize talent. Millennials are often criticised for their alleged “everyone gets a trophy” attitude. However, maybe they are onto something. If we make people feel that their work is valued and that they are contributing something unique to the workplace, won’t they be more inclined to productivity? Check out this blog post for more of our thoughts.

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