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#FindMeIn - Texas Edition (with Special Guest!)

For this edition of #FindMeIn, we’re traveling down south to pick up some hints from a very special guest. Much of the buzz surrounding startup giants surrounds California and New York, but make no mistake, Texas is not be missed in this important global dialogue. Here to elaborate on navigating 21st-century Texas is Cydney L. Hambrick, a born-and-raised Texan with professional experience transcending state and national borders.

Hambrick at the United Nations HQ in New York City

Hambrick at the United Nations HQ in New York City.

1. What's so special about businesses in TX?

There are so many special things about living in Texas and being a part of the workforce here. In recent years, small businesses have really stolen the spotlight and this state offers them so many opportunities. Embracing the Texas lifestyle is also very special.

2. What's different about the work culture in Texas?

Work culture in Texas depends on the job, industry, and company. However, Texas work culture is more relaxed and many opportunities are spreading in big cities and small towns alike. Texans tend to be more easygoing and understanding, but it is still quite stressful to have a job that has strict deadlines such as law or medicine.

3. You also have experience in Connecticut, New York City, and South Africa. What advice would you give to an outsider doing work in Texas?

My advice would be to not rush into things. We take things a bit slower down here. Also, if something doesn't come your way immediately, don't panic! There are so many opportunities. For Northerners, working in Texas might be a huge culture shock due to the relaxed pace and a workforce that is keen on building relationships with employees. Don't be afraid to reach out of your comfort zone and soon your dream job will funnel down to you.

4. Finally, what do you envision for the future of business in Texas?

I expect for our economy to blossom as a leader in the United States and international market place. There are so many people moving here, and with each person exists a new possibility. With businesses booming, it's a huge improvement from where Texas stood a few generations ago. I also envision more and more diversity in the workforce. I hope that in my lifetime Texas can gain the glory that it deserves.

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