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#FindMeIn - Chicago Edition

We've blown into the Windy City for this #FindMeIn post. Chicago is known for its jazz clubs and deep dish pizza, and is the perfect city to top your U.S. travel list (we recommend Time Out’s page for more info). However, when your trip is business-focused, those “Top 10” lists may not be so helpful. Not to fret - look no further than #FindMeIn as your go-to resource for the world’s top business destinations!

  1. Pen in your meetings. Unlike New Yorkers, who frequently reschedule meetings, professionals in Chicago prefer to keep meetings set, so don’t confirm a meeting time until you’re certain you can follow through. If you must cancel, give notice immediately.

  2. Shift earlier. In general, Chicago-based workers tend to arrive and leave their offices earlier. What does this mean for you? If you’re meeting outside of business hours, breakfast is off-limits, but Happy Hour is definitely a possibility (vice versa if you’re meeting within business hours).

  3. Benefit from the city’s offerings. If you’re a budding entrepreneur who spends a significant amount of time in the Windy City, it’s worth it to check out these resources from the City of Chicago (they even have a streamlined restaurant licensing process!). Outside of entrepreneurship resources, the city offers numerous enrichment opportunities. Get inspired by visiting The Art Institute of Chicago, browsing the shops on Magnificent Mile, or learning new things at the Field Museum of Natural History. You never know what - or who - you’ll get to know!

  4. Take chances. Chicago-based companies are now more ambitious and less risk-averse than ever. Once a city prone to deplete creativity, Chicago, like many other global business centers, now encourages enterprising ideas from all levels. Whether you are a CEO or a recent college grad, if you have a vision and a voice to tell it, Chicago is ready to listen.

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