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The Daily Habits of Our Most Successful Clients

The InMotion team has traveled the world and worked with some of the most inspiring people. In this post, we’ve decided to round up some of the best advice we’ve encountered, whether in first-person conversation, word of mouth, or reading. We’ll focus on daily habits, which are the root of your daily experience. They can drive you away from your goals or move you closer to them, and we want our readers to aim for the latter. Here are five bits of advice that we pass on to our own team and clients:

  1. Make your bed every morning. U.S. Navy SEAL Adm. William H. McCraven recommended this simple tip in his commencement address at the University of Texas, and we have to agree. When you make your bed in the morning, you begin your day by completing a small (but helpful!) task. A neat bed will make your entire bedroom look cleaner, and be so much nicer to crawl into at night. If a Navy SEAL can do it, you can too.

  2. Meditate. This one comes from one of our content writers, who uses an app to meditate every morning. She meditates in 10 minute sessions, but you can practice for as little as three minutes and still reap the benefits of increased mindfulness and relaxation. There are numerous resources to begin meditating, such as videos on Youtube and and apps for your phone. You can also begin with a quick breather to visualize accomplishing your goals for the day.

  3. Draft a to-do list. When you write down what needs to be accomplished each day, you can better distribute your time and have a visual aid to track your progress. Some people like digital to-dos, while others prefer pen and paper. Whatever you prefer, it is important to find the method that works for you. Some starting questions: Will you use separate lists for work and life? What about color-coding? How will you designate the tasks that are more urgent than others? A lot of our readers have found bullet journaling to be helpful in customizing their to-do lists and calendars.

  4. Reach out to your network. Making professional connections can be difficult, so don’t let your efforts go to waste by losing touch with the people in your circle. Try to connect with three people from your network each day. It can be quick (a comment on a social media post) or more thoughtful (a fun email update), depending on the contact.

  5. Learn something new. We here at InMotion are always learning - we have to be! In our 21st century world, innovation is progressing at lightning pace, and so it’s important to constantly be curious. You should also consider how you can be teaching something new. When our clients partner with us, they don’t just see why we get results, they see how we get them. We believe that our work should be a conversation with the client, so that both parties walk away having learned something new about how to reach the client’s next goal.

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