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How to Incorporate Both Digital and Paper Media Into Your Content Strategy

Here at InMotion, we know that content is king - whatever medium you choose to publish it. That’s why we offer thoughtful content strategy to all of our clients. But once the content is developed, the next step is to determine how to send the message to the target market. Pitch to the press? Self-publish on a blog post? Send a paper newsletter? The possibilities are endless, and achieving the balance between a focused approach and covering your bases can be difficult. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down four things to consider when projecting your message over both classic and new media.

  • Choose paper when you want to launch a campaign that you can numerically track. Because paper is measurable (you can count how many newsletters or flyers you send, for instance), you can gain valuable statistics about which strategies work and which ones are less effective. Be specific about the target audience you are aiming for - are you sending updates to existing clients, trying to target referrals, or looking at a particular neighborhood? Paper is especially a great medium for locally-based businesses (like mechanics or electricians) who are looking to gain clients within the community.

  • Avoid paper when you want to cast a wide net across multiple regions and/or demographics. A common way of doing this is through randomly distributing flyers, say on car windshields or coffee shop bulletin boards. While this method may be helpful to young freelancers like tudors, businesses looking to grow within more corporate domains should avoid it in favor of well-crafted web content.

  • Choose web when you want to push content at regular intervals, like writing a company blog. Web provides the convenience of the anytime-anywhere access that busy young professionals love. A sleek website with curated writing upgrades any business’ image, so new media should be a one of the first things a marketing plan outlines. There are so many resources today, so go digital!

  • Avoid web when reconnecting with clients and contacts. By this, we mean avoid sending a mass email update in favor of personalized notes. Meaningful connections stem from face-to-face meetings, so make it a priority to invite key connections to coffee.

Choose InMotion Communications. At InMotion, we know that each business’ mission is unique, and so their content strategy should be, too. Work with us to develop great material that wows your audience.

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