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What Every Business Can Learn from NYFW

It’s the most fashionable time of the year - New York Fashion Week, that is! Though we here at InMotion are based in Southern California, we make an effort to stay updated with all of the trend surround this special week - and they’re not just on the runway. While most international dialogue surrounds new designs and personalities, the fashion world also presents valuable lessons that can be applied to most any industry. Here are five NYFW takeaways specially for our readers:

  1. Know your busy times. While not every business’ work boils down to two weeks each year, everyone should be able to pinpoint some blocks on their calendar when they can anticipate projects and stress. For students, these are easily midterm and final exams. For accountants, these are the weeks leading up to April 15 (for our international readers, this is the American tax deadline). It is always great to hope for the best and that things “fall into place,” but you shouldn’t let this optimism prevent you from accommodating your busy times in your planning.

  2. It’s a balance between making and following industry trends. Sometimes, it seems that all of the to designers conspired to make one trend a reality. While networking and collaboration certainly do play a part in determining what kinds of garments walk down the runway, most big trends result from a push-pull from designers. When designing your next big moves, get on board with industry trends, but don’t let them dictate your entire project. Opt to think creatively as well, and you just might ignite “the next big thing.”

  3. Mold your goals around realistic expectations. This metaphor is a bit more literal, referring to how designers craft their garments on FORMS (proportioned mannequins)and then proceed with FITTINGS (in which they make adjustments to the clothing on the model). In this way, the designers adjust their work from the ideal conditions to the realistic ones. If you plan your work around an ideal world, you’re bound to end up disappointed.

  4. Present your work to a variety of people. The most coveted accessory at New York Fashion week? An invitation to one of the top runway shows. All kinds of people get invited to fashion shows, meaning that a show’s attendees represent multiple industries and potential business partners. When considering your marketing strategy, think outside of the box in regards to your target market.

  5. Remember the press. A classic fashion show would not be complete without the flashes of the paparazzi’s cameras. Event planners make sure to distribute plenty of press passes (special invitations for journalists) to ensure a good amount of coverage for the collection, both in New York City and internationally. While the paparazzi are probably not knocking down your door, you can gain press coverage with the help of InMotion Communications. We create pointed content for both your own channels and the press so that your business is always in style.

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