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5 Lifestyle Publications That Can Help You in Business

“What do you read?” In an interview or networking situation, a business person may feel pressure to respond to this question mechanically with classic options like Forbes, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, and so on, however exaggerated they may be. While these publications are all extraordinary, they are not the only titles on the successful person’s reading list. Magazines and websites focused on the up and coming “lifestyle” genre (which encompasses fashion, beauty, home, and other cultural interests) can be similarly helpful in grasping consumer trends, news headlines, and even some financial information. Here are our reading recommendations:

  1. Forbes Life. What started as a column in the legendary business magazine has turned into its own spinoff brand. The website and its corresponding magazine cover architecture, jewelry, art, and fashion news. Besides enjoyment and cultural enrichment, you can gain some impressive conversation topics by skimming a few of its articles.

  2. Disney’s Babble. Babble is an online magazine for parents published by Disney. The articles are written in a Buzzfeed-esque casual tone, and feature lifestyle and entertainment news, as well as parenting tips and trends. But you don’t have to be a parent to appreciate all of the content. We recommend reading this one for some light trends, as well as a few deeper thought pieces.

  3. Harper’s Bazaar. A mecca for celebrity and fashion news, this established magazine has become lifestyle industry standard. Professionals should scan its webpages for information regarding fashion and entertainment industry trends, some of which can influence other fields, and all of which offer something to learn.

  4. Better Homes and Gardens. This housewife's’ handbook has grown into a national brand. While you may not be interested in hosting others in your own home, the advice that you can learn from Better Homes and Gardens can apply to entertaining in your office (even if its current extent is offering clients a candy bowl).

  5. Town & Country Magazine. The ultimate highbrow magazine, you’ll get the scoop on all of the society news when you pick up a copy of Town & Country. The publication sets itself apart from its counterparts in its approach: instead of being snobbish and exclusive, it writes frankly about the world that affects its readers. A must for impressing the boss or high-end client.

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