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How to Bring Your Unique Experiences to the Table

We at InMotion are storytellers, and have learned through years of experience that everyone has a unique one that no one else can tell. We know to expect the unexpected when getting to know clients, because whenever we think we’ve heard it all, a company comes in with the most remarkable story. Whether by a large company or a single professional, showcasing personal style makes you seem more attractive, interesting, and genuine than if you were to forgo it and try to be someone you’re not.

  1. Don’t fall for a bad deal. What kind of employee do you imagine at the words “corporate ideal?” Slick hair, black suite, and beige personality? While you may have learned that embracing this archetype will help to get ahead, the reality is that people who have an irreplaceable spark are the ones that rise through the ranks. Bluntly, they cannot be replaced. That’s why we call the corporate i-deal a corporate bad-deal, because it shorts both yourself and your team of the bright spirit that only you can offer.

  2. Lessons learned. The phrase, “If you see something, say something” really applies here, as long as you are not overstepping your boundaries. If you see the business heading in a disastrous direction that looks eerily familiar to a failure that you have previously encountered, do not be afraid to speak up. To avoid being too aggressive, we recommend sharing your experience by asking clarifying questions, like “have you checked with a lawyer on that? When my colleague at a previous company signed a similar contract, he said that he wished he would have spoken to one.”

  3. Location, location, location. Perhaps you have vacationed somewhere unique, and met a potential contact or encountered an opportunity for a deal. Even better, perhaps you have previously made a business trip somewhere and can offer advice on navigating city’s business climate.

  4. School pride. Many reflect on their educational years with fondness and nostalgia, while others recall their happiest day to be the one after graduation. Whatever your experience in school, realize that it can help you in your career now. Elective classes, odd jobs, and random connections can all become invaluable depending on the project, so be sure to tap into your skillset and alumni network.

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