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4 Ideas that Beat a Client Dinner

What are you thankful for? This is a question that we will all be hearing more and more as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches in the United States. Of course, we are thankful for our beautiful friends and family members, our abilities, and the food we may or may not indulge in at the Thanksgiving table…

But what if we extended this attitude to our workplace? We at InMotion are big advocates of this. We have already written on crafting an uplifting corporate culture and making sure your team feels appreciated, which we encourage you to read in light of the season. We’re continuing this theme with a post on showing gratitude to your clients. The classic (and occasionally dreadful!) client dinner can only go so far, so check out some other ideas that will surely delight your guests:

  1. Museum or Gallery Tour. Visiting a museum or gallery removes the awkward small talk and silences that often accompany a company outing. Now, the group is surrounded by potential topics of conversation, and everyone will walk away having learned something new! Arrange for a private tour through the institution or with a third-party like Museum Hack.

  2. Tasting Menu. Instead of a dreary three-course dinner, liven up your clients’ dining experience with several tasting menus. You could choose to include selections from world cuisines, organize by color, or whatever else you and the chef can dream up! Just make sure to include a platter of standard foods for you less adventurous guests.

  3. A Cooking Class. Continuing with the theme of food (who doesn’t like a good bite to eat?), a cooking class provides a relaxed evening to collaborate with your team and clients to cook a delicious meal. Visit a local culinary school and inquire if they offer group classes. Alternatively, you could hire a personal chef through an agency like MiumMium and have the cooking class come to you!

  4. Boating. If you are located by the water and the weather is nice, why not rent a boat (or yacht, if your company caters to more upscale clientele) and enjoy the view? If you are very ambitious, you could host a cooking lesson on the yacht.

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