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Social Spotlight: Snapchat

Social media app Snapchat boasts 150 million daily users and exponential growth in the app market. When Snapchat introduced Snapchat Stories in late 2013, it provided a marketing opportunity for businesses unlike anything previously seen. With Snapchat stories, accounts can post images and videos to their followers. This content lasts for 24 hours and is played in the order posted.

  1. Know the demographic. About 70% of Snapchat users are between ages of 18-34 and are across the globe. With dwindling attention spans, it’s logical that this group is drawn to social media that delivers and switches its content quickly.

  2. It’s all relative. Multiple posts on Snapchat can be a great compliment to a single post on Instagram or Facebook. Use Snapchat to deliver behind-the-scenes content of your business. For instance, a bakery owner could post videos of baking on Snapchat and post the final product on Instagram. This way, her Instagram followers are intrigued to look at her Snapchat and vice versa.

  3. Snap your own press. Cover events with pictures and videos. Whether you’re attending the event (like a trade show) or hosting (like a launch party), posting on Snapchat reminds your followers that you are active in your industry.

  4. Takeover the market! Snapchat takeovers, in which an individual “takes over” the account for a day to share his or her perspective, are increasingly popular. Have a client or employee take over the account for a day to enlighten your followers to a new outlook on the organisation.

  5. It’s a different numbers game. Without likes or comments, tracking outreach on Snapchat relies on followers and views. Work with a strategizer like InMotion to determine the best way to quantify your growth.

  6. Influencers still matter. Snapchat has built its fair share of influencers, perhaps most notably DJ Khaled. Look into partnering with these accounts to promote your own snapchat.

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