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Influencers - A New Level of Marketing

We have covered a lot during our #SocialSpotlight series, but it's only touched the surface of the vast new world of social media marketing. A very important component of this world is influencers. These are individuals or accounts who can sway a large population with their recommendation. Similar to word-of-mouth marketing, influencer marketing is a great to reach demographics through sources they trust whilst still getting your message to a large pool. Here are some key questions to ask yourself as you evaluate your publicity plan.

  1. Who? Identify the key influencers in your industry. Work in fashion accessories? Research the most popular bloggers who write about brands like yours. These big influencers will reach a large population. Also look for lesser-known, local bloggers who can reach a more targeted demographic.

  2. What? Content is key. Brainstorm ideas with the influencer on content that would fit their channel and represent your brand in the best light. Ideally, they display themselves using your product, perhaps in a photograph or personal review write-up. Other ideas include participating in a hashtag campaign or interview.

  3. Where? Consider where your audience views their content and where the influencer produces content; aim for the common channel. Fashion, a visual industry, will probably best be promoted on image-based social media such as Instagram. A software product, on the other hand, may best be discussed in a blog post by a notable programmer. That being said, don’t be afraid to look beyond the obvious for innovative new ways to showcase your brand. For instance, Youtube and Instagram video may be great ways to visually display how the software actually runs.

  4. When? Consider greater industry and media trends when timing the content. For instance, Fashion Week would be a great time for an influencer to cover your fashion brand’s looks for the season. August/September is good for showcasing your school supply products as moms are searching for everything for back-to-school. Know when your audience is most likely to look to the influencers and time accordingly.

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